New Van Gogh Musical

“Writing and developing a music project for over 25 years sounds like the work of a fanatic.  And when it comes to Vagabond Skies – The Van Gogh Musical, I guess that’s exactly what I am." Tony Norman smiles. He is the driving force behind a major new retelling of the life of one of the world’s best-loved painters.

“We staged a showcase of Vagabond Skies at the Leicester Square Theatre,” Tony explains. “It was very well received and we have worked hard on the show since. Vincent van Gogh has been in my life for many years, but only now do I feel the musical is ready to pay tribute to the great man. I owe so much to the Vagabond Skies team who have contributed so much.”

Tony’s co-writer on the music for the show is Mark Edwards, who also contributes beautiful musical arrangements. Sarah Dormady and Susie Blundell have worked as brilliant creative editors for the definitive Libretto of the show. Sarah also directed the Vagabond Skies showcase, with Susie covering creative liaison for live performances and much more. Philip Herbert is a trusted friend who controls all business and financial aspects of the production company, Vagabond Skies Limited. Finally, Charlie Tipler has been a fantastic ally in the recording studio.

2020 is set to be a hugely important year for the team.

Talented cast (below) of the Vagabond Skies showcase, staged at London's Leicester Square Theatre.