London Rock

London 1972: Tony interviews Marc Bolan of T Rex. Photo: Alec Byrne

Tony enjoyed working with his long time friend Alec Byrne on his photographic book, London Rock - The Unseen Archive. The high quality publication features Alec's rare photographs of The Beatles, Stones, Jimi Hendrix, shining a light on a magical era. The book is published in the UK by Virgin Books and in the USA by Insight Editions.

'Alec was one of my best friends back in the late 60's and early 70's,' says Tony. 'I was a rock writer and Alec was one of the best photographers in London. He had a regular gig with the NME and he also circulated his work all over the world. We often covered big gigs together, like Dylan at the Isle of Wight and the Stones in Hyde Park in '69. In the 70's we teamed up for interviews and photo shoots with new stars like Marc Bolan. London Rock features all the best photographs from Al's London archive and I was the Head Writer on this great project!'

The OTB Band: Good Times Coming!

2019 is all set to be a big year for The OTB Band, with five new tracks to release and live gigs to play.

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The OTB Band left to right: Tony Norman, David Henton, Bob Edwards, Charlie Tipler, Chris Fisher, Mike Williams & Chris 'CD' Downton.

Nicholas Parsons: New Christmas Carol CD

The Christmas Carol creative team: Nicholas Parsons and Tony Norman. 

Following its great success as a stage show, Tony Norman's A Christmas Carol by Candlelight is now
scheduled to be released as a CD and MP3 download in 2019, during the festive period.

'Nicholas Parsons will play Charles Dickens who narrates the show,' says Tony. 'Hearing that famous voice reading the lines by Charles Dickens is a thrill. The album will contain the full story of Scrooge, as read by Nicholas, plus classic Christmas Carols and songs I have written in a Victorian style. I'm delighted to be working with Nicholas on this exciting project, with my co-producer Charlie Tipler.

Alan Mullery Autobiography

'Alan Mullery – The Autobiography’ by Alan Mullery & Tony Norman, published by Headline.

Tony says, ‘Alan has an exceptional memory for detail. He paints pictures in words. Whether he is talking about his childhood in war-torn London, winning the FA Cup with Spurs, or scoring in the 1970 World Cup Finals for England,
he brings it all brilliantly to life. I really enjoyed working with Alan on his life story and I’m very proud of our book.’

'Book of The Week… boils off the pages.'

‘A lively, pacy read. It’s a shame that more ex-footballers’ memoirs aren’t like this.’

'This one is a proper book.'

Alan Mullery's Official Web Site

Mullery scores against West Germany in the 1970 Finals.



The game is over now
The fans long gone
Taking home their memories
Of how you made them smile
With the thrill of it all

Knowing they had seen something special
As you danced through the mud and slashing studs
Future memories drawn on the frosty breath
Of a Winters afternoon

Now some stop at street corners
Stand on soapboxes and preach
About your weakness
About the wicked path that brought you down
As they always knew it would

You saw them long ago in a Bob Dylan song
And knew they’d never taste a single day
As sweet as those you knew so well
When the world was at your feet

And later – when that time was past
You sat and talked to strangers
In endless faceless bars
Wisdom and humour
In your clear blue eyes
Pretty girls still melting
To the warmth of your easy smile

Did they ever look past the mask
To see the truth inside?
Did you care anyway? Probably not
You always knew you’d be alone
Just beyond the reach
Of the ones who loved you

The game is over now
But they’ll remember you Georgie
Running free forever
On the stage you were born to grace

© Tony Norman November 2005